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Issue 28

Issue 28 - May 2015

Experts and Expertise.
Interdisciplinary Issues

Edited by Elisabetta Lalumera, Giovanni Tuzet

Today the role of experts is pervasive in the everyday life of both individuals and communities. At the collective level, governments and groups routinely delegate scientific, economic and technological decisions to experts; expert witnesses play a key role in legal contexts, and the evaluation of academic and scientific institutions is demanded to expert peers. At the individual level, each of us defers to experts for the correct understanding of problems, issues, concepts and word meanings in some domains, and trusts experts blindly at least in some cases. Finally, both communities and individuals face the problem of what to do when experts disagree.[read more]

Table of Contents



Carlo Martini

The Paradox Of Proof And Scientific Expertise


Christian Dahlman,
Lena Wahlberg,
Farhan Sarwar

Robust Trust in Expert Testimony


Susan Haack

The Expert Witness: Lessons from
the U.S. Experience


Ronald J. Allen

A Note To My Philosophical Friends About
Expertise And Legal Systems


Elisabetta Lalumera

Overcoming Expert Disagreement In A Delphi
Process. An Exercise In Reverse Epistemology


Matt Stichter

Philosophical and Psychological Accounts
of Expertise and Experts


Ben Trubody

A Paradigm for Your Thoughts: A Kuhnian
Analysis of Expertise


Gloria Origgi

What Is An Expert That A Person May Trust Her?
Towards A Political Epistemology Of Expertise


Suzanne Uniacke

Responsibility, Expertise and Trust: Institutional
Ethics Committees and Science


Itay Snir

Experts Of Common Sense: Philosophers,
Laypeople And Democratic Politics


Jean-Marie Chevalier

The Day After The Day Of The Experts. Lessons
From J.M. Cattell, B.I. Gilman And C.S. Peirce


Francesca Ervas

(Becoming) Experts In Meaning Ambiguities





Federico José Arena

Democracy, expertise, and academic freedom:
a First Amendment jurisprudence for the modern
state by Robert C. Post


Fabrizio Esposito

Nudge and the Law
by Alberto Alemanno and Anne-Lise Sibony (Eds.)